terms of sale

Profil 24 has been registered on French Répertoire des Métiers (trade Registry) as sole trader since 1999 under registration number 421 767 773 - VAT number: FR 23 421 767 773
Our head office is located at 47 rue Julien Bodereau, 72000 Le Mans, France
Phone/Fax: +33 (0)243 763 797 - E mail: contact@profil24-models.com
All orders made through our site are subject to these terms of sale.

I. Customer

The customer should be a private individual aged 18 or over. When registering their personal information in the "My account" section, they should make sure their details are accurate. Profil 24 cannot be held responsible if an order could not be delivered because a customer's details are inaccurate.


Any reproduction of any of our models, in any form whatsoever, is strictly forbidden. Profil 24 retains the ownership of any sold goods until payment in full of all due sums. The goods are hand crafted. Any defect should be identified at the time of delivery. Warranty is void if damage to the goods is caused by the buyer. The goods are priced in Euros. Shipping cost is extra.

III. order

Before final confirmation of their order, the customer must check all the details and the total price, and make any corrections. Any order confirmed by the customer will be considered as a sales contract and as proof of their accepting the conditions herein. Profil 24 reserves the right to cancel any customer order in case of any dispute or incident related to the payment of a previous order.


Payment should be made by cheque, Paypal, Credit card or bank transfer. For payments by credit card or Paypal, Profil 24 offers a secure payment system. Cheques must be made in Euros, and drawn from a bank with an address in mainland France, made out to "Profil 24" and sent to their head office.

V. delivery

Goods in stock are generally shipped by post wihin 48 h after payment has been received. Delivery times are indicative and can vary. Delays in delivery do not give the buyer any right to cancel their order or to refuse the goods. Delays cannot give rise to any deduction, compensation, penalty or damages. Shipping cost includes packaging, handling, and shipment. We recommend that you group your purchases in a single order. Your packet is shipped at your own risk. Packets are generously packed and padded.

V. return

If a customer chose the wrong model by mistake, they should inform Profil 24 of their correct choice by email, phone or post and ask for an exchange. Return costs are to be paid in full by the customer, except when the return is due to a mistake by Profil 24 when they prepared the order.

VII. Right of cancellation

From the time of delivery and for the next seven days, the customer can use their right of cancellation. The goods should be returned in their original packaging and the order number should be indicated. The return cost will be paid in full by the customer. Only goods in perfect condition will be refunded.  Profil 24 will reimburse the customer any sums already paid, minus any shipping cost, within 30 days.

VIII. applicable law

By confirming their order, the customer automatically accepts the general terms of sale. The terms of sale are governed by French Law. If a dispute should arise, French courts would be the only courts of competent jurisdiction.

IX. confidentiality

Details collected by Profil 24 are used to process customers' orders. Customers have the right to access, rectify, object to and delete their personal data.